Services overview

We develop a bespoke service built around each individual’s wishes and needs….

As a family involved organisation we respect the step towards independence taken by each individual who wishes to move into their own home and we respect their continuing relationship with their family.

Our role is to support the individual and their families, working with each individual and those who know them best to identify where they wish to live, who they wish to live with and what support they need from their staff.

Person centred service

We work with each individual and those closest to them, to develop a bespoke service around their wishes and needs. The support we provide is flexible over time, as needs and lives change.

What we mean by ‘person-centred’

We aim to ensure that the individuals we support:

  • Lead lives which are as full and as active as they wish
  • Exercise as much choice and control over as possible as to how they live their lives
  • Live in keeping with their own cultural, religious or family background
  • Have sufficient staff support to ensure both quality of life and safety
  • Are not excluded from services due to lack of finance

Where we work

Our services are currently provided across Manchester and Trafford.

What do we offer?

This varies, depending on need, from 24 hour support (including ‘sleep in’ and waking nights) to independent living services which provide support for specific tasks. We also provide outreach groups that are open both to people who use our services and others, which offer a wide range of fun and accessible social activities.

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John’s story

My name is John. I live in my own flat and have been supported by a team of support workers from Ordinary Lifestyles for almost 20 years. The support workers provide 24 hours support to me.

The staff are really nice and support me to do everything I want to do including shopping, activities, trips, housework… everything – within reason! I have my own mobility vehicle so I can access lots of places and my support workers drive my vehicle when I wish to go out.

I like to have my own space and my own say (I make all of my own choices), and my support workers respect this. I enjoy sleeping, waking up, playing computer games, watching DVD’s, going to concerts and watching Tipping Point and The Chase and programmes like that. I also like painting and art and the colouring of my artwork was the inspiration to Ordinary Lifestyles’ new logo. I was also heavily involved in the design of the leaflet.  I love to go on holiday; my holidays are bazzing (great!)!

I am very happy and the support workers and management of Ordinary Lifestyles are spiffing!