Great Ordinary Lifestyles Disco (GOLD) Saturdays

Ordinary Lifestyles hosted its first disco in September 2021 as a result of the closure of some discos which had taken place, predominantly in South Manchester, prior to COVID.  One of our dedicated staff decided there was a gap in the market which needed to be filled and so we dipped our toe in the water to host a restricted, COVID safe to a select few.  

The event proved popular and as restrictions began to ease further ‘themed’ discos took place in October and November 2021 (Halloween and Country and Western respectively).  These were well attended with attendees encouraged to dress up according to the theme.  Standards have been high with ‘best dressed’ prizes awarded.   Unfortunately plans for the Christmas disco were shelved due to the emergence of Omicron and we had to revert to Zoom for this and those for January and February 2022.

But now we’re able to reconvene in person….Dates for future events can be found here

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