Community Allotment

In 2019 our very own Pete, with the support of his staff, submitted a proposal for the organisation to consider investment in a community allotment in Humphrey Park, Urmston.

The idea came from his interest in being able to grow our own produce, with the possibility of selling it or donating to food banks, as well as using it at the Food for Thought sessions (See Food for Thought).  Other ideas were to include raised beds as well as low beds in order that the space be accessible to everybody.

Long story short Trustees happily agreed to reinvest some of the organisation’s reserves into furthering Pete’s idea and what a way we’ve come!  We now have an Allotment Coordinator, Tony, and the work that has been undertaken in terms of clearing the site in the first instance to making it accessible to those with mobility issues to converting it into the thriving environment it is today has been immense.  Many supported individuals have mucked in and visit on a weekly, daily in some cases, basis, enjoying tasks from growing to watering to building structures.  The space was a godsend during the covid pandemic as people could attend safely and it provided the opportunity to do something when most activities/services were forced to close.  Moving out of the restrictions we’ve fully utilised the space for social events (safely of course) ranging from barbecues to a team picnic to hosting Sing and Sign on tour (see Sing and Sign)!

The allotment is now in it’s second year and future ideas include devising a ‘cookbook’ of recipes that can be made using some of the ingredients being grown there.  Attendees have definitely enjoyed the taste of their home grown produce.  Very much a case of money well invested!