Bingo Bonanza

Eyes down for Zoom bingo…

Food for Every Tuesday at 7pm we print out our bingo cards and dust off our dabbers ready for a thrilling night of numbers.

The two games we play each week are accompanied by lots of laughing, joking and inventive bingo calling – suggestions for new and creative calls are always appreciated. Some numbers are hotly anticipated, as they instantly lead to a bout of singing or dancing. ‘76’ brings out everyone’s invisible trombones, ‘85’ takes us back to the 70s for a bit of Staying Alive, ’50’ has been adapted to a song from Snow White and ‘22’ simply sends everyone quackers.

Each week there are four winners (two lines, two full houses), and a couple of lucky participants get the chance to have a go at Play Your Cards Right. During the interval we play some song requests, and after the second game we change gear into full on disco mode. Quite a few people have bought their own disco lights, and Zoom quickly becomes aflood with bright flashing colours as we all sway from side-to-side to the dulcet tones of Michael Buble, or get our groove on to Jive Bunny or the Electric Light Orchestra.

Although Zoom Bingo began life as an activity exclusively for people supported by Ordinary Lifestyles, we’ve started to invite some of our friends along in recent months.