Om Aggarwal, Trustee

I graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Electronics and then went on to achieve M.Sc. in Digital Electronics from Manchester University. I’m also a MIET (Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology) as well as a C.Eng. (Chartered Engineer).

After my Masters degree, I joined multinational computer control systems company as a Design and Development Engineer, being quickly promoted to Senior Design Engineer. Within this role, I was responsible for the supervising design and development engineers, production of engineering drawings, liasing with Marketing and Sales departments, and training of project and service engineers.
Om Aggarwal: Trustee

After fourteen years in industry, I left to create my own business and in turn became Managing Director of a company and few years later I set up another company. On my retirement in 2013 I sold one of the company. Despite retirement, I still have an active, albeit part-time, role in the running of the second company.We have cared for our daughter with Down’s syndrome and autistic spectrum for over 30 years and she is supported by Ordinary Lifestyles for past several years. I have come to appreciate and understand the needs of people with learning and physical disabilities. This invaluable life experience makes me certain that I can make positive and meaningful contribution as a Trustee to Ordinary Lifestyles.