Mohinder’s story

Mohinder is an exceptional individual with a big smile and a great sense of humour. He cannot manage his money, cook or clean but can mostly get dressed independently.  He makes a big contribution to keeping his siblings and the extended family a closer unit.

Tell us about Mohinder:

Mohinder has learning disabilities following a severe head injury he suffered as a child. His parents are no longer here and he has been living independently since 1996. He continues to be supported by five brothers, two sisters and extended family.

How did you find about Ordinary Lifestyles:

Ordinary Lifestyles was introduced to Mohinder’s family by Trafford Council in late 2013 and has been supporting Mohinder since early 2014.

What support does Ordinary Lifestyles provide:

Ordinary Lifestyles support Mohinder in getting dressed, eating, taking medication and participating in several outdoor activities. Ordinary Lifestyles’ contribution is significantly better than all previous care providers.  They have come to love and care for him and are now part of Mohinder’s extended family.

Would you recommend Ordinary Lifestyles to other families for support, and if so why:

Mohinder’s quality of life has improved ever since Ordinary Lifestyles became involved.  Their engagement with the family has been exemplary and contributed to the enhanced quality of life Mohinder is experiencing now.  Mohinder’s family would highly recommend Ordinary Lifestyles to provide support for any member of their family.