Suzanne Harrison, Treasurer

I am 54 years old and have lived in the North West since graduating from university in 1985. I moved to the North to start my career in accountancy and trained with one of the ‘Big Four’ firms.

I made the move from public practice to industry in 1992 and am now a Finance Director of a large firm in the food sector.

My formative years were spent living abroad in South America where I was exposed to contrasting economic conditions and have met people from many different walks of life.

During my time in South America I volunteered in a residential care home for the elderly and found the work very fulfilling.

These childhood experiences have been influential in my passion for equality and fairness for all.

Working with Ordinary Lifestyles (I currently hold the role of Treasurer) and it’s dedicated and professional team is thoroughly enjoyable and I am committed to the aims of the organisation.